514: DSR of the Month Dave Ross Sells Money, Not Products

Sell Money, Not Products

Part 1 (of 2):  Includes a Totally Different approach to prospecting and opening new accounts.

Dave Ross, the latest inductee into the AFDR DSR Hall of Fame, jumped on the opportunity to take a DSR route after working as an ISR at family owned, Hillcrest Food Service in Cleveland, Ohio.  Six years into it, Ross is managing 50 customers and $19 million by helping his customers make money by selling Profit Not Products. 

DSR Dave and Ross talk about prospecting and making cold calls being a numbers’ game; the more quality “interviews” this Hall of Famer makes, the better chances he’s going to have of growing his business.  Ross is looking for problems that a prospect might NOT know they have, or don’t want to admit they have so he can then give his “$100 (thousand) to $150 (thousand)” making money sales pitch.  Ross loves the challenge when the prospect tells him they are really happy with their current supplier.  He calls those accounts “lifer accounts” because those customers tend to be very loyal.

Part 2:  Next week, DSR of the Month Dave Ross talks with DSR Dave about why he might not go back into a prospect after making the first cold call.  Also on Part 2’s show, are discussions on A/R, Chasing Knowledge, Sales Meetings, and Selling on the Inside.

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