515: DSR of the Month, Dave Ross “Chases Knowledge” to Keep Learning

Sell Money, Not Products

Part 2 (of 2):  AFDR Hall of Famer, Dave Ross.

DSR Dave talks with Hall of Famer Dave Ross about the question of when customers are asked how often DSRs come back after making the first cold call on them, many will say hardly ever or maybe once or twice at the most.  Miesse asks Ross why he would not go back after a first call, and also tells Ross why he himself did not go back after a customer told him he would never buy from the distributor DSR Dave worked.

The DSR of the Month explains how he manages A/R from the start by doing a little role-playing with his new customer on issues like: “What if there is no check this week when I come by to pick it up?”

Ross talks about sales meetings and making the most of them.  He suggests to all DSRs that they must be always “Chasing Knowledge” to keep learning, not to wait for someone to teach you, whether it’s your company or one of your customers.

Part 1 (of 2):  Includes a Totally Different approach to prospecting and opening new accounts.

Dave Ross, the latest inductee into the AFDR DSR Hall of Fame, jumped on the opportunity to take a DSR route after working as an ISR at family owned, Hillcrest Food Service in Cleveland, Ohio.  Six years into it, Ross is managing 50 customers and $19 million by helping his customers make money by selling Profit Not Products. 

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