516: DSR Complaints Could Equal New Opportunities

Complaining Could Equal New Opportunities

DSRs complaining about all the little and big things each day can be used as key points and great learning opportunities.

Your customers can’t stand listening to your complaining, since they hear it all day long from everybody else, so try being a bright spot in their day each time you talk with them.

Problems are just opportunities to come up with new ways of thinking to remain positive with your customer, company and even your family.

DSR Dave suggests that one’s openness to taking those moments each day and turning them into a learning experience, can completely change a not-so-good situation into a career-changing, GREAT situation.  “If you take the time you spend complaining about things each day and use that time to come up with solutions to the situations, you’ll get great new results,” explains Miesse. 

Spend the next week practicing…NOT complaining, and watch what happens!!

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