517: DSR Amy Mrozinski is Operator Jude’s Café’s BEST Employee

Part II

Part 1:  DSRLive’s special guest host, DSR Amy Mrozinski talks with Judy Vorwald, one of her customers, about how Amy works for Judy like a good employee on just about everything that goes on at Jude’s Café in Manchester, Iowa.  In this new economy, Judy and Fred Vorwald have not cut back on portions or the great products they’ve used for years, which keeps patrons packing in!  Vorwald still cooks a good ole-fashioned Top Round, hot roast beef with mashed potatoes and gravy (made from the drippings of the top round), which is her most popular menu item.  DSR Dave tried ordering carry-out… to North Carolina, YUM!


Part 2:  DSR Dave and Mrozinski discuss with Judy about how a DSR needs to really listen to their customers, not only for what they say, but also to observe their facial and body language when talking about menu items because they don’t always SAY what they mean, but a good DSR will be able to pick-up on what really needs to happen, or NOT.  In this segment, customer Judy talks about some of her favorite products including: Lamb Weston Waffle Fries, Farmland, Icelandic, and why she does not have Heinz on her table, but she only uses Heinz.

Oh, we can’t forget to mention that if you happen to stop by Jude’s, you better order Amy’s favorite dessert, the “better than sex cake!”

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