518: Steaks or Cigarettes? asks new Hall of Famer, Adam Hittner

Part I

Part 1 of 2: AFDR is proud to announce the latest inductee to the DSR Hall of Fame, Adam Hittner.  This DSR of the Month sells everything from Pizza supplies and COP, to Cigarettes and Cigars!  Hittner is constantly changing gears in his head as he drives because of the broad variety of products he has to sell, and the even wider variety of types of accounts he sells to, from C-stores and Family diners to Liquor stores.

DSR Dave and Hittner discuss how taking orders on Sunday leads to orders with higher margins and some great friendships with customers.

Next week in Part 2: Adam talks about making cold calls on all the different types of accounts he sells, A/R, working on the inside, and working with brokers.

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