522: Why Would Any Customer Buy From You?

Why Would they buy from you?

While doing a cold-call or meeting with a customer for the first time, the customer may ask you, “give me two real good reasons why I should buy from you, and quit buying from my current distributors?”

How would you answer?

Look in the rearview mirror and practice what you’re going to say.  Is your answer the same as most DSRs?  “My company has a fill rate of 98.9%, or, we are the largest distributor in the world and buy products cheaper than all other distributors, or, I was a Chef and I really know everything about everything, or my personal favorite, I’ll beat any other Sales Reps price.”

Wow, I bet those will really win you the business.

What prompted this show was how wound up DSR Dave got while he was driving his pickup home after riding with a DSR who did not have a good enough answer to that question when the customer asked.

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