523: Pam Story, DSR of the Month, AFDR Hall of Fame Inductee

Pam Story, DSR of the Month from J. Kings Foodservice Professionals, AFDR Hall of Fame Inductee

AFDR’s June inductee to the DSR Hall of Fame, Pam Story, has been in the foodservice business since she was 15, and has worked in just about every aspect of the business.  She is writing 18 million dollars with her 65 accounts.  Take a look at her profile on the Hall of Fame page, WOW!

On this show, Pam Story and DSR Dave reflect on her career and discuss:  

  • Pam’s background and selling in NY 
  • Produce, what does beautiful produce look like? 
  • Samples, do they really work, how does she present samples? 
  • A/R, things change even with good accounts 
  • What to do when a customer hires a new Chef, Kitchen Manger, Dietary Manager, etc. and he/she is looking to bring in the DSR/distributor he/she used at the previous place of employment, listen-up. 
  • Passing off an account to another DSR to help the customer, and your company long-term

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