524: Try Something Different This Summer

Want to be different than your competitor?  Want to build a better relationship with a customer?  Looking for a new way to sample a product and make sure everybody at an account gets to taste it, not just the boss?  DSR Dave and Joe the DSR have an idea that will definitely have an impact on your sales.

Since most independent operator customers find it very difficult to take time off, or to find the time to host an employee appreciation cook-out, maybe it’s time for you to help them out by arranging one for them at their place!

Dave & Joe discuss:

  • Sampling products at an employee appreciation cook-out that you would like to sell to your customer
  • Getting your brokers and brand reps involved with helping in these “sampling” cook-outs
  • Reviewing your sales plan, and penetrating existing accounts while helping a customer
  • Ask your buyers which products they need some help in moving
  • Don’t let your “sales pocket” get picked this summer by a DSR who’s working on your account

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Sell Something!