527: DSR of the Month, Ray Eal of RDP Foodservice, Columbus, Ohio

Ray Eal, the July inductee into the AFDR DSR Hall of Fame, has spent the last nine of his 27 year stent in the Foodservice business as a DSR helping his customers make money.  Eal and DSR Dave discuss how Eal makes sure that his customers are not just serving great products and taking good care of their customers, but he’s also working with them to help manage all aspects of their business.  With his experience of managing one of the top restaurants in Columbus, Ohio, he understands P&L statements and makes sure his customers do as well.

In this show, Ray and Miesse talk about:

  • LISTEN-LISTEN-LISTEN to your customers
  • Product knowledge is key; having something for your customers every time you walk in
  • Thinking long term versus just saying something to get by in the moment
  • Using the internet to research prospects so he knows important aspects of their business, like how long they’ve been in business because that will make a big difference in what he talks about when making that call.