529: DSR & Sales Manager Series

In the past five months we have heard these statements from many top performing DSRs:

  • I love my job
  • I love my customers
  • I love the company I work for
  • I’m writing millions and millions
  • I’ve been here for 5, 8, 10, 12, 25 years and I thought I would retire from this company,
  • BUT – I can’t work with my boss anymore, and I’m going to quit!  I don’t really want to work for the competition, but my boss leaves me no choice.”

There is a better solution, but what is it?

Everyone up and down the line of command has to learn how to work with their boss. A boss can be the same as a challenging customer, and everybody needs to adapt in order to become successful in business.

AFDR has received dozens of requests to do a show on this subject, so DSR Dave is doing a mini-series since this is a tough issue without a simple solution.

DSR Dave discusses with many DSRs and Sales Management folks this challenging situation to hopefully give you some ideas on how you might work differently with your sales team.

Part I:  Setting the Stage for this topic are the following Sales Professionals:

Keith Milligan, DSM, LA Sysco
Kevin Burke, Sales Director, J Kings Professionals
Paul Body, DSR, Florida Food Service
DSRs and Sales Managers, LISTEN UP for your solution!

Please submit your thoughts and feelings in the comments box below and tell us if you like this show, how we are doing overall or what you would like to have in coming shows.

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