534: Product Knowledge Defines a DSR’s Success

Product Knowledge

DSR of the Year, 2003, Patti Turner and DSR Dave give action items to DSRs who want to get to the top of the Sales Leader Board.  Your past DOES NOT define your future.  You can get up tomorrow and do just a few things different that can help you increase your sales beyond belief.  The more product knowledge you have, the better equipped you are to get out there and catch up with and/or pass the top DSR at your company or win the next big promotion … it could be a 2012 Ferrari!

Turner, a self-proclaimed Bacon Selling Queen, tells how she worked in some of her customer’s kitchens so she could learn how they used the products she sold them.  Patty also leveraged the knowledge of other DSRs and buyers to learn anything she could about products.

Turner and Miesse say that every top DSR they know are product experts.  If you would like to get working on your PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE learning program TODAY, check out the Action items below to help you get started!

Action items: 

  • Get a list of your Top 100 items sold (at your company), in descending case order – LEARN THEM & know them like the back of your hand!!
  • Find products & info at the AFDR Library, your one-stop-shop
  • Ask the DSRs who sell the most of your top 100 items how they sell those items
  • Determine what kind of customers are buying those products from your company
  • Ask your customers how they use the products

Tomorrow is the first day of your life