536: Pedro Bossy Inducted into AFDR Hall of Fame

Shetakis Wholesalers’ Pedro Bossy is September’s DSR of the Month and is being inducted into the AFDR Hall of Fame.  Bossy is a 24 year veteran writing over 17 million in Las Vegas. 

Pedro has great advice for all DSRs when it comes to having a great relationship with a customer.  He says that you need to negotiate with them on Service – Quality – Price.  Bossy gets one of the three, and the customer gets two of the three.

This Hall of Famer talks with DSR Dave about how DUMPSTER DIVING is the best way to do your prospecting, and a much better way to find out what a customer is really using versus coding out one of their order guides.

WILL CALL deliveries are this DSR of the Month’s best time to sell more to existing accounts.  Bossy explains that he has a sales plan every time he tells one of his customers that he will bring them what they need.

To find out how Bossy writes over 17 million, listen to the show!