537: Pit Master, “Chopped” Finalist, Steve Overlay knows which Products he wants

The Memphis Championship BBQ in Las Vegas is where Pit Master Steve Overlay met Pedro Bossy, DSR of the Month for September.  Pit Master, Overlay made it to the dessert Final Round of the July 3, 2012 episode of “Chopped” while preparing Kentucky Sweet Corn & Peach Crumble w/Sour Cream Sauce. 

Steve and Pedro both described their first meetings as not being as pleasant as Pedro would have liked, but after learning how each other worked, they became great business partners.  This BBQ Master was skeptical of Bossy at first because of his history with what other DSRs had told him for the past 30 years when they first came in trying to sell him.  Pedro was NOT the same old song and dance.  Overlay says that Pedro set himself apart from other DSRs by listening and learning what products Steve wanted to serve, and how he wanted to purchase them.

Overlay tells DSR Dave that Pedro is like his insurance agent.  Bossy learns Steve’s business and then helps him make wise decisions by knowing what he needs and helping him make money.

Other topics being discussed on this show:  Branded products vs. private label products, recipes, yields, samples, pricing programs, and how everybody can win.

DSRs, Brokers and Brands should all listen to Steve, his insights could help you.

Recap of Food Network’s “Chopped” episode where Chef Steve made it to the final round

Memphis Championship BBQ menu.