538: Tips for NEW Sales Reps/Greenhorns, the first 6 months


If you’re new to being a DSR, this show is a great launching point for your career.  Patti Turner, DSR of the Year in the last issue of ID Magazine, in 2003, and DSR Dave give Greenhorns some study tips/homework to consider while learning what your company is teaching you.  Turner explains how she asked the top DSRs she worked with a million questions when she was a Greenhorn DSR.  She also tells how you must “invest in yourself” by doing things when you first start out that will help you in the future.

Explained in this show, are details on the tools you need to ask for to help you succeed.  Plus, Turner and Miesse talk about how important it was for them to work in the boiler room (inside sales); picking in the warehouse; working with the truck drivers making deliveries; and working with buyers when they first started as a foodservice sales rep.

DSR Dave says learning the top 200 items (25, 50, 100 items depending on the size of distributor) in descending case order at your company is a critical first step in the learning process as it leads to earlier success.   Product knowledge is the key to every DSRs success, and those top 200 items are the ones that will get a new DSR up on plane faster.

Sales managers and sales trainers, help your new sales people sell more for your company by forwarding this show to them, the Greenhorns!