541: Profitable Sales Come with Product Knowledge: 4 Step Greenhorn Training

WCS 541
Nine (9) out of Ten (10) AFDR member DSRs say that they wished they had more product training when they first started out as new DSRs (Greenhorns).  More specifically, they wished their company would have focused more on product training of the most sold products.  If the DSR can answer a customer’s question about a product, the price (normally the only answer a greenhorn or vet might have for details about a product) usually drops down the list of issues of importance.  DSR Dave explains how to find these most sold products, and why they’re so important in the first 2-1/2 years of a DSR’s career.  Distributors can cut returns and adjustments in half, plus have much happier customers by following this “DSR suggested” method.

Miesse insists that providing Greenhorn (new) DSRs with a Distributor’s Top 200 list is one of the most important sales training tools, along with the other three steps AFDR members have outlined below.  Following these four steps in the first six (6) months of a new DSR’s career will give them that “leg up” that they need to be successful for themselves and their company.  AFDR’s Product Library was built specifically to help DSRs with product knowledge.

Step 1:  Product Knowledge Training: Starting with the Top 200 items at your DC; learn them well
Step 2:  Inside Sales Training, as many days as possible in the first few months
Step 3:  Picking orders in the warehouse, as many times as possible in the first 6 months
Step 4:  Working with Truck Drivers, even if you follow them to the stop