543: Samples Work!!! Owner/Operator Peggy Sweet Explains in Detail

Peggy Sweet, Owner/Operator of the Comet Bowl in Charles City, Iowa, http://www.cometbowl.com/, talks about how good her business is, and the vital role her DSR plays in her making money or not.  Sweet also explains how SAMPLES WORK!  Yep, believe it or not, she would like a FULL CASE of product so she can get her customers involved with her product choices.  Four chicken tenders in a baggie just won’t cut it for this successful operator.

To determine which new coffee the Comet Bowl was going to serve, Peggy had her customers be part of the coffee cutting/tasting.  Coffee is such a personal preference so she didn’t ask them which coffee they liked the MOST, but rather, which one they liked the LEAST so she could eliminate it.

DSR Dave and Sweet also discuss:

  • How Peggy expects her DSR to help her make money
  • If a DSR is going to make a cold call on her, how she would like it done
  • How many DSRs DON’T EVER call on her the second time