545: US Foods, Chicago’s Ozzie Calhoun Inducted into AFDR Hall of Fame

DSR of the Month, Ozzie Calhoun, a 25-year veteran, started out with Kraft Foodservice picking orders in the warehouse for three years before moving into inside sales.  That experience, along with the great product training that Kraft Foodservice provided is part of the reason why Calhoun is consistently at the top of the leader board in many categories each month.

Calhoun explains to DSR Dave that you need to have a goal with every prospect and customer, and it’s NOT all text book.  First, you have to probe to figure out what their need is, and then make that your goal.

When it comes to selling a product and making the right profit margin on it, you have to know the story about the product.  Oz says, “Every Product Has a Story; learn the stories!”

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