548: DSR of the Month, Glen Reiterman, Michael’s Finer Meats and Seafoods

AFDR Hall of Fame, DSR of the Month, Glen Reiterman began his career at Continental Coffee 48 years ago and they taught him that wearing a tie would send a message to customers that he was different, and that he was a professional.  From Continental to Sexton, Reiterman had some of the best product training along with some great basic sales training that he still uses today, and by the way, he still wears a tie everyday!

Glen joined the dynamic sales team of Ohio’s premier Center of the Plate distributor, Michael’s Finer Meats & Seafoods.  With his experience in learning new products, he mastered the different cuts of meats and became a Seafood Specialist to his customers which really developed him into a complete expert on products to help his customers. 

This Hall of Famer talks with DSR Dave about:  How wearing a shirt and tie still sets him apart from other sales reps; helping customers make money; how DSRs were trained 48 years ago on product knowledge and basic salesmanship; how Glen “gets up for the game” after 48 years and still loves the work he does.

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