605: “Restaurant POSSIBLE:” A Good DSR’s Daily Routine

The Food Network’s “Restaurant Impossible” star chef, Robert Irvine, sheds some light on what really goes on in the foodservice industry on a daily basis.  What Robert does on this show is what any good DSR should be doing for their customers week in and week out.

The show really never digs into what happens “upstream” of the back door of the operation except to talk about which kinds of ingredients an operator should or should not be using.  DSRs do what Robert does with the front and the back of the house, PLUS they have to make sure their operators are purchasing the right items every week because the operator considers their DSR to be their most valued and trusted business partner.

AFDR DSR of the Year, Tony Gonzales, a DSR with Shamrock Foods, Todd Hauser, AFDR President/DSR with Martin Bros. and DSR Dave give great “real life” examples of how they and their companies’ SPECIALISTS help transform their customers’ businesses and even their livelihood.

AFDR also suggests that Distributors might want to come up with their own “Restaurant POSSIBLE” team by using their specialists (or anybody they have in-house who has the necessary skills) to help their independent operators transform their operations into money-making machines.  Irvine is helping pave the way!

In case you haven’t heard, Sysco just signed a deal with Mr. Irvine and The Food Network to be a major sponsor of the show.