606: Y. Hata’s Lisa Nakagawa Inducted into the Hall of Fame

DSR of the Month, Lisa Nakagawa of Y. Hata lives on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii and is only about 30 minutes from Honolulu and the famous Waikiki Beach, and just 4,532 miles to AFDR’s corporate office in Mason City, IA!  Now that’s a road trip!

Hawaii and “Cold” calls don’t seem to make sense to fellow DSRs, but after 16 years and tens of millions of dollars later, Lisa Nakagawa is still making cold calls.  Lisa tells DSR Dave that she lets the customers talk and tell her how they think they want to be sold.  She also says that about five years ago, she learned that if a customer does not understand that it would be best for them to buy more from fewer suppliers, she explains that to them right up front. 

This 13 million dollar DSR says that using her specialists is the single best selling tool that helps her reach her lofty goals.  She also learns about new products at sales meetings and with broker help.

Nakagawa has 42 active customers all on the island of Oahu.  Lisa’s favorite brand to sell is Cargill, as she says their entire line of products is great!