610: Todd Utley, Southern Foods, Bowling Green, KY, Inducted into the Hall of Fame

Todd Utley receives AFDR’s DSR of the Month honors for March 2013, and is inducted into the AFDR, DSR Hall of Fame.  He is based in Bowling Green, KY with Southern Foods.

Todd began his foodservice career while working his way through college at restaurants learning firsthand the importance of an operator/DSR relationship.  This became something he would eventually develop as he became a DSR with his own customers and potential customers whom he now works with weekly.  While learning from the operator’s side, this Hall of Famer was fortunate to meet some of the DSRs and folks from Southern Foods which led him to being hired as a DSR.

Todd says that he’s learned that getting the “whole team” of Southern Foods involved has made all the difference in reaching his business and personal goals.

Utley and DSR Dave discuss how Todd helps his customers weekly with anything they are working on and tries to help them REALLY understand how important P & L statements are to their business.  Todd advises DSRs out there that if you just have a “Clipboard” relationship with your customers, you’re probably not going to be around very long.