613: Operator Needs Backup Distributor for Brands He Wants

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Art Goodwin has been running his independent restaurant since 1979 in Circleville, Ohio, and says that he’s had three or four really good DSRs in that time frame.   Goodwin also explains that he could never buy from just one distributor because NO distributor carries all the Branded products that he uses in his operation.  Art says that DSRs are always trying to sell him “their version” of the Branded item he wants, but there’s nothing like the real thing.

This operator explains to DSRs that if they’re calling on him to sell him products, they’ll have to work within the terms he’s presently working under.  Credit terms happen to be one subject that comes up often when DSRs come calling.  He says that he tells the DSR that they’re the one who wants to sell him; he did not ask them to call on him, so if they want to sell him, he presents the terms he needs.  Meaning if he was paying in 30 days with his current distributor, then he wants the same terms if he switches to you.  

Goodwin also says he wants credits to be written within the same time frame that he pays his bills.


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