615: Hospital Foodservice Director needs DSR’s help

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Ms. Kile gives DSR Dave and guest hosts Steve Dahl and Bill Hornung great insights into what DSRs need to be working on with their hospital customers. 

Carolyn gives many great examples of the kinds of products she needs to run all the different operations inside of one hospital.  Kile not only manages the in-patient services, she also helps with the cafeteria, upscale special functions, elderly feeding meals, Head Start program for children and an offsite operation.  She counts on her DSRs to bring in ideas to help it all stay on trend and let her know what’s going on outside of the Hospital.

DSR Dave, Steve and Bill discuss accounts like hospitals, nursing homes, K-12 and just about any operation that has a captive audience that has been segmented by folks in the industry as “Non-Commercial” accounts.  DSRs, on the other hand, consider them just another account.  These accounts are great for DSRs to call on and pick up a couple thousand dollars a week because many of them are under contract with GPOs and/or fall under the “big account” department at many of the larger distributors and don’t have Sales Reps calling on them weekly. 


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