616: Mom & Pop Operator Buys from 5 Distributors

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As a local Mom & Pop restaurant, Bouser’s Barn Restaurant & Catering buys from five (5) distributors and takes on the big chains that have all the resources!  This Union City, Indiana restaurant has been part of the local scene since 1963 when Keith Bousman’s mother started a small pizza and sub shop.  They decorated the place with hometown memorabilia because that appealed to their local customer base.  One booth is named “Hang on Sloopy” after the local band who made it a hit.  Keith explains the different services they have added when they were in a position of needing more sales throughout the years, such as a drive-up window, home delivery service, and catering.

Bousman tells how a good distributor driver can make or break the relationship with an operator, and he passes along to distributors a few tips on rewarding drivers. 

Samples are a really big deal to this operator. One of Bousman’s distributors gives him a FULL CASE of samples, and he discusses what a difference it makes when it comes to the purchasing decision.

If Keith has a choice between two different brands of products, he usually chooses the one that gives him TABLE TENTS and other marketing tools to help him sell the products to his patrons.

Bouser’s Barn Restaurant & Catering Highway
32 W Union City, IN
Telephone:  765-964-6259



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