617: Chef to DSR, to DSR Hall of Fame, Feesers’ Mike Mahr

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Mahr was a Chef for 30 years in his own kitchens before expanding his experiences and expertise into dozens of his customer’s kitchens. 

When Mike first got started in his DSR profession, he took over an established territory, but one of the hardest obstacles to overcome was the basics of how the computer system worked and how many different products there were in the warehouse.  He was surprised at how set in their ways customers were about which products they wanted to use. 

It has really paid off that Mike, from the start, has always tried to listen to his new and existing customers to seek their needs before prescribing what he thought they needed.  This really helped him gain their trust.  Many times he has seen his customers using a product that was not really the right product for the purpose, but he waited until the time was right to sample a product he thought might work better.

When prospecting, Mahr likes to eat in a place before making a cold call on the prospect.  He likes to have some knowledge of how the operator is doing things such as whether the bacon is hot or cold on the club sandwich; cold bacon tastes like a piece of solid fat, and that’s an area in which he might help them improve.




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