619: Owner/Operator, Chad Beardon of Click’s Steakhouse

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Owner/operator, Chad Beardon of Click’s Steakhouse in Pawnee, Oklahoma tells how he runs his day-to-day operations.  Since 1962, Click’s Steakhouse has been serving up steaks, seafood, and burgers, plus breading their own mushrooms and onion rings, along with making their own desserts.

Chad talks about: 

  • How many Distributors he uses, and how much he purchases per week 
  • Not using Social Media 
  • Not knowing the name of one Broker who reps any of the products he buys 
  • Receiving information on products and trends through EMAIL 
  • Using Ben E. Keith’s, KeithNet and their COP Specialist’s videos on YouTube for ideas 
  • Brand websites, he does not have time to visit many, but did use one recently 
  • What bothers him about DSRs 
  • How fast he would like a call-back from a DSR

Listen to the show for Beardon’s thoughts on the above and hear if he is more loyal to his DSRs or the Distributors they work for.

Click’s Steakhouse,
Pawnee, Oklahoma,
Chad Beardon: http://www.clickssteakhouse.com/ 

Ben E. Keith
COP Demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQ97y3QtqB4&list=PL6E1AC2E64B9CE9C7 

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