626 : US Foods, Robert Wiles, DSR of the Month


Robert Wiles of US Foods, Jackson, Mississippi is the latest DSR of the Month and inductee into the AFDR DSR Hall of Fame for the month of July 2013.  Wiles explains how using his old school methods of keeping track of things and being organized by writing daily notes, along with the new school technology and programs of his company are the only way he can write all the volume that he does. 

Robert considers himself a top notch service provider rather than a top notch sales person while he’s helping his customers make money.  He emphasizes why having a great attitude, being passionate for the business, and being humble help him reach his goals and this excitement spreads to his customers helping them to be more successful in their businesses.

Wiles reaches his goals by doing at least one more dollar this week than he did the week before!