629: DSR Motivation-Four Basic Steps

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DSR Motivation-4 Basic Steps

DSRs, do you ever feel like nobody wants to do business with you??  Customers aren’t paying their bills; everything is going bad; you’re not getting a break and you’ll never find another account to sell stuff to. 

DSR of the Year Chris Moore and DSR Dave discuss getting back to the basics and the four steps that any DSR can do to get the motivation juices flowing again!

What DSRs tell us motivates them the most is to do something that will help their customers or potential customers make money. 

What customers/operators tell us that they need the most from DSRs is: 

1.   Product Knowledge: They have to be somewhat of an expert on the product(s) they’re trying to sell

2.   Market Trends: DSRs keep up-to-date on the market trends (Is it going up or down?) of the products they’re selling their customers or trying to sell potential customers

3.   Purchasing Guides: Operators expect DSRs to keep their purchasing guides up-to-date, so review each month

4.   Complete Inventory List: Customers/Operators would like DSRs to help them create a complete inventory list of everything they buy from every vendor, not just them


So, get on the bike and start peddling again!!

Lyrics to the DSRLive jingle goes like this:  “You’ve got to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start selling something, again…”