635: DSR of the Month, Dennis Wald of Food Services of America

September 2013:  Dennis Wald of Food Services of America, Portland, Oregon  

Dennis Wald has been inducted into the AFDR DSR Hall of Fame and is the DSR of the Month for September 2013.

Mr. Wald has been in the foodservice industry for 22 years working in the “back of the house” as a Chef for 15 of those years.   Wald says that he learned a lot from DSRs who called on him when he was in the kitchen.  When DSRs would ask questions, and then REALLY LISTEN to hear what they should do next is something that stayed with him.  

Dennis says one of the hardest things he has had to overcome when working with new and existing customers is to not prescribe to them on how to run their kitchen.  After they get to know him, then he can share his ideas on better ways to run their kitchen.

This Hall of Famer says that when he combines his back of the house experience with his distribution experience it helps his customers make more money and even open more locations because they’re working together as a team.

On the show, Wald also explains how important samples are and how he likes to work with new prospects.

DSR of the month Profile:

DSR Years of experience: 7
Annual volume: $4.2
Number of active accounts: 45
Average line items per stop: 30
Territory/City/Area you sell: Portland, Oregon
Favorite type of account: Full Service Restaurant/Bar
Best tools to help you sell:
Experience in the restaurant business
Where you learn about new product info:  Brokers
Favorite website:
Hobbies: Soccer and swimming with my kids
Favorite Brand to sell: Daily’s