636: What Drives You Crazy About DSRs?


DSR Dave and guest host Steve Dahl ask three operators the same pressing question,

“What drives you crazy about DSRs?”
Mark Grimes, Tap House Grill, Highwood, IL
Charlie Mansir, Sam Sneeds, Orlando, FL
Glenn Taylor, L’eglise Fine Catering, Pittsburgh, PA
The ANSWERS to What drives you crazy about DSRs?
• When DSRs do NOT do their homework to be informed about what products and the quality of those products that a prospect is using
• Sales Reps who don’t keep up on the current market conditions of the products they’re selling
• DSRs that come in at lunchtime and give their sales pitch
• Reps that don’t eat at the prospect’s establishment before making the call
You might want to take the advice of one of these operators who suggested asking the prospects and current customers you’re trying to sell if you can work a shift in their kitchen to see how they are using products before quoting prices and trying to sell them something.
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