637: A/R Be A Credit Specialist…





 Credit Manager or Really the Credit Specialist

Melissa Anderson, DSR and AFDR Hall of Famer, gives some great tips on how she manages her A/R and works with her Credit Manager and accounting team.  Melissa has a GREAT A/R performance percentage rate!!

Anderson and DSR Dave discuss how most DSRs think of the Credit Manager as the “Evil Empire” because of how strict they are when it comes to giving out credit terms, plus how fast they are to act when it comes to placing one of “MY” customers on non-ship.

Anderson and Miesse both say that in their experience the Credit Manager is RIGHT about 99% of the time and DSRs should consider the Credit Manager a “Credit Specialist” when it comes to that area of the business just like the COP, Beverage, Non-Foods, Product or any other specialist working at their distribution company.

Topics discussed on this show also include: 

·        If a customer asks for a few extra days to pay, BEWARE

·        Good DSRs don’t really have A/R problems

·        Customers of DSRs who work together on A/R are doing better than ones who don’t

·        Anderson has two basic ways for her customers to pay their invoices

DSRs, Be a Resource and…Sell Something!