638: Operator Says DSR Influences 90 Percent of Her Decisions

 Operator Says DSR Influences 90 Percent of Her Decisions

Operator, Maggie Teeter is House Director at the Kappa Kappa Gamma house at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.  Offering high-quality meals three times per day for the chapter’s 100 members is her top priority.

Teeter says her prime distributor’s DSR, Isaac, is “key” to her doing her job.  Her DSR plays a very important role, and at least 90% of her decision making processes are made because of what her DSR suggests.

DSR Isaac did not complain when Teeter started purchasing from another distributor because her board wanted to make sure Isaac, her prime distributor, was giving Teeter the best deal on the products she purchased.  Instead, Isaac kept working with her teaching her along the way until it was clear that Isaac was doing everything in this operator’s best interest.  After a year of buying from multiple distributors, Maggie committed 100% of her business to Isaac.

Listen in as Maggie explains her DSR’s role in her success.