639: DSR of the Month, Larry Baity of US Foods, Las Vegas


Larry Baity is the latest inductee into the AFDR DSR Hall of Fame for the Month of October 2013.

Mr. Baity, a DSR for 25 years, is a true resource for his customers and is a model of the kind of sales professional all DSRs should aspire to become. Larry describes how, each week, he and his company take care of his customers who cover a 200 mile radius of Las Vegas.

Baity says that being a good DSR is a “lifestyle” and a real “balancing act” with your family. Many Saturdays over the years he’s had to load the family in the car for a road trip to take supplies to his customers because he likes to take that worry off of his customers.

Larry wants fellow DSRs to know what a great profession they’re in, and to remind them that they’re only as good as they were today, or this week, and then they start all over again!

This Hall of Famer gives details in this DSRLive interview on how he manages accounts hundreds of miles from his DC. Baity says to build a good relationship with a “hot” customer, one given to you by your company, or a “cold.mp3” customer, one who does not buy from your company, it takes a minimum of 90 to 120 days.

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