643: DSRs, Do You REALLY Believe in What You’re Selling?


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DSRs, Do You REALLY Believe in What You’re Selling?

Or, are you just a SALESPERSON taking orders for products??  This is an appropriate question to ask because your sales and success depend on it.  You need to have a clear picture as to why you MAKE SALES, or why some of your Sales are LOST.

THINK ABOUT THIS FOR A MINUTE…Do you believe in the company and the products you’re selling, and do you believe in the team of people who work with you?
You must BELIEVE IN, and MASTER these 6 principles if you want to reach your goals and be a great salesperson.
The Principles:
1.     You have to believe you work for a really great foodservice company.
2.     You have to believe your products and services are really great.
3.     You have to believe in YOURSELF— that you can make a difference in your customer’s business.
Do you believe in the first 3 beliefs of company, products/services, and self?
If you do not deeply believe in those 3 beliefs, the next 3 elements will be impossible to comprehend, let alone master.
4.     You have to believe in your ability to differentiate yourself from your competition in a way that the customer PERCEIVES as BOTH different AND valuable.  If the customer doesn’t perceive a difference between you and your competition, in other words, if they fail to see/feel your value, then all that will be left is, PRICE.
5.     You must believe that the customer is BETTER OFF having purchased from you!  Don’t just believe this in your head, but also believe it in your HEART.
6.     You control your belief with your thoughts and your ATTITUDE.  Your attitude is critical to building and maintaining a positive belief in all you SAY AND DO.
You may want to get a book or audio recording to help you get in the right frame of mind to go out there and start believing in your product and company.  Don’t think for a minute that there’s another company that can do it better; that means if you don’t believe in your company and product, then you need to get in there and help them be the best, in a proactive way.
Believing in these 6 principles will drive your preparation each day.  Believing in them will guide the way you make your presentations and drive you to NEW HEIGHTS, NEW SALES, and NEW SUCCESS!

Give yourself time:   Belief does not come in a day.  It comes day-by-day—slowly over time.  But it will put passion into your preparation, and more profit dollars into your bottom line.
Your belief and pro-active attitude in dealing with day-to-day issues/opportunities will be the difference.  If you keep the good things the same and turn the issues into OPPORTUNITIES versus complaining about them, your sales and pay will see the benefit.
Do you believe?  I hope you do—–Your sales and your success depend on it!
Be a Resource and… Sell Something!!!