649: OMG! What just happened to foodservice distribution last week?



OMG!  What just happened to foodservice distribution last week?
Of course, we’re talking about the fact that General Mills is the latest brand to load all of its foodservice product info into the AFDR Product Library!
Yet another top brand understands the reality that the usual foodservice brain trust often forgets.  Building your foodservice distribution business with Independent Operators is all about relationships… not what happens on Wall Street.
The Sysco-USF deal might be interesting if you’re a CFO.  But stock market news has little influence on daily street sales.  Most independents buy from trusted DSRs who know how to solve problems, suggest pragmatic menu ideas and be an information resource.  That’s why the AFDR Product Library is a great tool to enable General Mills and other DSR friendly brands to provide resources that, ultimately, help DSRs build relationships with Independent Operators.
Case in point about relationships… AFDR member Ted Glenn just landed a new independent operator who plans to purchase about $3,000 per week.  If Ted had listened to the pundits, he might not have pursued this deal.  Ted works for a small $6 million produce distributor that delivers three days a week.  Download the show audio here!