701: DSR of the Month, Henrik Behrmann, Seashore Food Distributors


Henrik Behrmann of Seashore Food Distributors is the latest inductee into the AFDR DSR Hall of Fame and is the DSR of the Month for January.  Henrik’s selling territory covers a twenty mile radius in and around Cape May County, New Jersey which is on the southern tip of the State where much of his business is seasonal.

Behrmann’s success is largely attributed to having a great attitude about his job and his customers and also his sense of humor as evidenced by his constantly changing voice mail messages.  His current voice mail message says, “Please leave me a real big order so I can retire early!!”   Henrik’s customers call his phone just to let others listen to them.

Lamb Weston French Fries, Tyson Chicken and anything Rich’s are Behrmann’s favorite items to sell.  He says these products always perform for his customers and that he’s learned how to show customers their value when cutting against the competition.  Showing customers how one product yields better than the others adds a tremendous amount of value for him as a Sales Rep.

Henrik uses the DOT FOODS Expressway daily when searching for products customers need that are not stocked in the Seashore warehouse.  Product knowledge is the key to reaching his sales goals and helping his customers make money by using the right products.  This DSR of the Month says he learns more about products from his customers than any other source.  They show him how and why they use any particular product.

Behrmann’s advice to other DSRs is, “you’ve gotta make the calls on your customers.”  If you are out of sight, you’re out of those customers’ minds.   The same goes for collecting A/R, customers first pay the DSR who is so valuable they don’t want to be in business without them.  Always add value by being a part of your customer’s business and not just taking orders for the products.