710: Operator says it’s not about the price; it’s about quality and relationships

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After using two tons of Corned Beef a month (over 100,000 sandwiches a year), Owner-Operator of Katzinger’s Deli, Diane Warren is still buying it from the same DSR she has for 26 years.  Diane says it’s not about the price of the corned beef, but rather the trust between her and that Sales Rep to keep the best quality at a fair price.
Plenty of DSRs come in and try to sell her corned beef at a better price, but Warren is not interested in a better price because she wants the best quality for the meat that is on “One out of Every Five” sandwiches she sells.  Katzinger’s sandwiches are so good that they earned a spot on The Food Network’s show, “The Best Thing I Ever Ate.”
Warren got very emotional when she talked to DSR Dave about her relationship with her Corned Beef Sales Rep because of the friendship they’ve built over the years.  This particular Rep doesn’t just sell her corned beef, but helps her with her business by coming in and looking around for opportunities for improvement.  Plus, he treats all of her employees with respect.  “He always takes care of me, whether it’s a quality issue or if prices go through the roof, he has my best interest in mind,” says Diane.
Diane also now uses GFS as a supplier and describes how the GFS DSR did a PERFECT job of taking care of her while he was the backup supplier.
She had grown uncomfortable with her prime distributor because as they grew, the distributor kept switching her DSR, and the new ones did not really understand Katzinger’s culture or how they liked to do business.  
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