716: Make Yourself the Prime Vendor


Bill Main, a nationally recognized foodservice management consultant, and DSR Dave discuss how moving a customer from buying only 20% to 80% or more should be every DSR’s goal each week.
Main says that DSRs are in the RELATIONSHIP business, and by working collectively with their customers, together they can squeeze the inefficiencies out of the system so that everybody is profitable.

Collaboration becomes the vehicle. You might have only 20% of a customer’s business, but while working weekly with that customer, you should be working on your strategy to build a better relationship with that customer.

Don’t just sit back and take that 20% order thinking that the customer will just give you the business; you need to have a game plan on how to move into the prime vendor spot.

It is all about relationships, so be working every week building a purchasing guide so as you grow with the account, you will be ready to send them the right products when they do decide to give you more business.

Be a Resource…and Sell Something!