722: Dixie Produce’s Andrew Bird Wins AFDR DSR of the Month


Andrew Bird from Dixie Produce in Chattanooga, Tennessee is the latest inductee into the AFDR DSR Hall of Fame as the June DSR of the Month.
Andrew started his foodservice career working his way through college in the kitchen washing dishes, then learning how to cook, and eventually becoming a chef.  After 12 years in the kitchen it was time to move onto the next phase of his foodservice career as a DSR at Dixie Produce.
This DSR of the Month personally sees 20 calls/customers a day and calls another 15 to 20 by phone.  He prefers his customers place their orders online so he has more time to work with them on problems that come up and on products he’s not selling them.
Andrew sells every kind of customer in the foodservice business, colleges, restaurants, schools, caterers, country clubs, you name it, and he is selling them.  In and around Chattanooga he can take orders seven days-a-week, and in some cases deliver two times per day!
Mr. Bird feels like he has an advantage over larger distributors because of how flexible he and his company are.  Because they turn over their inventory every 3 days to a week, Andrew feels like his food quality is fresher and his customers count on that.  Dixie is selling primarily produce and dairy.
You know Andrew’s passion for the business is real when he describes how excited he and his customers get when new crops of local peaches, corn and tomatoes are coming into season, now that’s passion!


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