726: Kohl Wholesale’s Paul Bauer of Quincy, Illinois Inducted into the Hall of Fame


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AFDR’s DSR of the Month for July 2014 is Paul Bauer of Kohl Wholesale in Quincy, Illinois.  Bauer is the latest inductee into the DSR Hall of Fame.

Paul started working with Kohl Wholesale 38 years ago with the last 25 as a DSR.  Bauer started in the office doing just about everything from customer service to purchasing and even helping in the warehouse.  Over those beginning years, he started running DSRs’ routes when they went on vacation or needed backup, and finally a route came open and Paul jumped on it.

This DSR of the Month likes to be the last man standing when working on new accounts and always tries to use the advice of his Sales Manager to BRING VALUE to every call you make on a customer/prospect; value that you can come back with on the next call.  Put a point of sale in their hand, an idea in their head, and/or a sample in their mouth.  Leave something behind on every sales call so the prospect knows that you have some reason to come back.

On the show, Paul also explains how he recently landed a new account that he had been calling on for 10 years.

Bauer’s advice for every DSR to grow their business is to be organized, have a plan for the day, and develop a strategy to become the prime vendor in every account you have, and are calling on.


DSRs, Be a Resource…
and Sell Something!