730: DSRs’ Brand Identity Will Separate Them from Other Reps


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You work for a company that is known for or stands for something, but each DSR also has to have their own personal Brand Identity that their customers recognize.  When you as a DSR walk in the door, you want the customer to have an immediate vision of what you are going to offer them as a customer.  You want them to say something like, “Oh, here comes Joe, I wonder what sample he brought for me today?!”

Every DSR has their own identity; does your identity separate you from other DSRs?

When a DSR has built their own Brand Identity, they establish what they stand for as a Sales Person.  When DSRs figure that out, they become much more successful and so do their customers.  

Guest Host Tom Shea of Upper Crust Enterprises, Inc. does a GREAT job of explaining what it means to learn and establish your Brand Identity. Tom explains how to figure out what you and your “brand/value” stand for, then surround yourself with accounts that are ”like you” so you’re not wasting a lot of time when you walk into accounts.  Instead of trying to come up with five different sales approaches a day, you could be using the same basic ideas, and selling it five times a day.  This is far more efficient and focused.  When you are more focused, you and your customers make more money.

When you listen to Shea’s Audio Interview, he gives you step-by-step the “what and how” of finding your Brand Identity.  

Finding and then practicing your Brand Identity will help you enjoy your job more, and it will help separate you from your competition.  You’ll be far more efficient because you’ll have one sales approach (versus five different types) that will enable you to open many more accounts that are like you.

DSRs, Be a Resource…
and Sell Something!