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736: DSR HONESTY Generates Long-term Customers and Profitability


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99% of customers say HONESTY is the reason they keep buying from a DSR, whereas, DISHONESTY is why they would quit buying.

A DSR’s integrity is what customers, peers, and your family count on daily.

Is it wrong to lie?  Most people believe that lying is generally wrong, and they also believe that some situations seem to warrant it.  But in reality, it is short-term thinking.

Lying, even on the smallest matters, needlessly damages personal relationships.  Endless forms of suffering and embarrassment can be easily avoided by simply telling the truth about everything, every time.  To speak truthfully is to accurately represent one’s beliefs.

What is a lie?  To lie is to intentionally mislead others when they expect honest communication.

People lie so others will form beliefs that are not true.  The boundary between lying and deception is often vague; it’s even possible to deceive while being honest.

The liar often imagines that there’s no harm as long as the lies go undetected, but the one being lied to doesn’t share this view.

We know that trust is deeply rewarding, and deception and suspicion are not.  Research suggests that all forms of lying (including white lies that are meant to spare the feelings of others) are associated with less satisfying relationships.

Lying is the road to chaos.

As a DSR, if your desire is to have long-term, positive and profitable relationships, consider this simple message.

DSRs, Be a Resource…

and Sell Something!