737: DSRs can increase sales by dedicating 1 day each week & using technology


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DSRs who are writing many millions of dollars of sales continue to grow their business by using technology and by scheduling a certain day of the week to work on new business.

Many DSRs have Wednesday as their new account call day because they’re so busy the rest of the week taking care of their current business.

In a recent AFDR poll, 50% of the DSR members said the only way they could grow their business was by having at least 75% of their customers place their orders online which enabled those DSRs to work on growing their business.

The other 50% said that they have a dedicated day of the week (like Wednesday or Friday) to work on new business, which included making calls and/or building order guides for prospects and existing customers.  

Regardless of whether the DSRs take their own orders or have their customer place it online, 93% of those polled said that having a dedicated day of the week to build business was the best way to grow business.  DSRs use that day to not only make calls on new prospects, but also to work on selling more to existing customers.  They work on the existing customers by updating purchasing guides, doing research and getting samples of the products they are NOT selling their current customers.

DSRs who struggle to grow their business when they reach a certain level are usually doing the same thing they’ve always done, which works for maintaining business, but severely limits sales growth.

DSR Dave explains that way back in 1983 before the internet and cell phones, he used MSI and Telxon units to get his orders in on Sunday, and eventually bought a few for his largest customers so they could order when they wanted to versus waiting for him to come in and take their orders.  His customers ordered more, and quit asking the price on items they ordered which increased sales and gross profit!

DSR Dave says he used Fridays as his new account call day because folks seemed to be in a great mood and not many DSRs were working, so he was one of the only DSRs those accounts saw on Friday.

DSRs, Be a Resource…

and Sell Something!