743: Ben E Keith’s Melissa Anderson, AFDR DSR of the YEAR


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743: Ben E Keith’s Melissa Anderson, AFDR DSR of the YEAR

The Association for Foodservice Distributor Representatives (AFDR) today announced that Melissa Anderson, a veteran DSR with Ben E Keith in San Antonio, Texas, was honored with the prestigious ”DSR of the Year” award by AFDR’s DSR Hall of Fame.

Melissa Anderson was one of 12 AFDR DSR member candidates selected throughout the year who were inducted into the AFDR DSR Hall of Fame. “Being one of the 12 outstanding monthly inductees is an honor in itself,” remarked Anderson.  

Anderson is also one of only three, two-time winners of the Johnny Beauchamp Award. This award is the DSR of the Year for all divisions of Ben E Keith!

“Melissa’s dedication to her family, her profession and giving back to her community is a model in which Distributor Sales Representatives should follow if they want to reach a rewarding and successful career in the Foodservice Industry,” commented AFDR’s DSR Dave Miesse.

Anderson says that the more she gives back to her community and her company, the more business she seems to write. At this point in her career she’s writing around 12.5 million dollars with 45 accounts. Melissa is on two different boards of directors and volunteers one day a week during the lunch hour at a local public school. Melissa says, “When you’re doing the right things outside of work, a lot of times, the right things happen for you at work.” She also loves helping Greenhorn DSRs learn the business.

In AFDR’s audio show, DSRLive, Melissa explains how she runs her business and gives great tips for DSRs on managing A/R, prospecting, planning her week, taking care of issues as they come up, plus she gives the TOP 3 action items that keep her sales growing.

Anderson gives some great advice for Greenhorns on what to work on when they’re just getting started as a DSR, and why they should stop in and meet the biggest, baddest, account (that’s not buying from their company) in their sales area the first few weeks on the job.

Melissa says NEVER to give up on a prospect you want. In her audio interview, she tells you why she continued calling on an account for 10 years before she got her first order from them.

General Mills Foodservice, the official sponsor of the AFDR DSR Hall of Fame, congratulates Melissa Anderson and Ben E Keith on this prestigious honor.

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