748: Delivery Drivers Can Be a DSR’s #1 Specialist

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DSR Dave’s guests on the show are:

USA First Team All Pro Drivers and former drivers

Tim Maxberry, Ben E Keith

Rich Ahrens, Shamrock Foods

Greg Peterson, Gordon Food Service

John Buchy, Sysco

Michael Light, C.A. Curtze

Jim Kroschel, US Foods

Chesley Wyatt, Ben E Keith

Fernando Valverde, Sysco

Truck Drivers can be one of the best specialists on your team!  Successful DSRs learn to understand this very quickly when they need help with an account.  DSR Dave points out that in some cases, Truck Drivers have a BETTER relationship with an operator than a DSR.  But it’s a good thing that they both have a good relationship with the operator because it might just be the thing that keeps the DSR in the account.

DSRs and Truck Drivers who work as a team make for an almost perfect business relationship with customers.  Customers tell Truck Drivers things they don’t tell DSRs; this is why working together, you have a much better chance of keeping more customers happy and buying more.

This group discusses the benefits of helping each other out daily and how it really makes a difference between having a good day or a bad day.

According to the drivers, it might not be a good idea to ask a driver who’s having a bad day to collect on a bounced (rubber) check? Listen in…


They will be happy that you listened to this show.

DSRs, Be a Resource…

and Sell Something!