749: Getting Ahead in the New Year by Being Your Customer’s Best Employee

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Put yourself in a great position for increasing your sales in the NEW YEAR by being your customer’s best employee during this holiday season. Be the “one” DSR who helps your customers with anything and everything over the next few weeks and they will reward you by giving you the first shot at new menu items and, if you work hard enough, even some of the business from your competitors who didn’t answer their phone when they were called during the holiday season to get some help.

Starting this week your customers will need more help than just about any other time of the year. They can’t really afford to hire somebody for a few weeks, and most of them really need the additional revenue to keep the doors open another year. This is where you, the great DSR has a role. If you are looking to get ahead in the New Year, let your customers know that if they need extra help during the holiday rush, you will do what they need, i.e. wash dishes, bus tables, run errands, run the sweeper after lunch, etc. And yes, you should even volunteer to pick up something they ran out of at the store if you can’t get into your warehouse to get it.

This is also a great time to spend quality bonding time with your kids or spouse by taking them along with you on runs to take care of your customers. Most folks are in a jolly mood and will be glad you’re spending time with your family. Customers who meet your family will usually have a new kind of respect for you because they understand that you’re working hard for them.

Answer that phone call that comes in at an inconvenient time, and tell the customer you’ll take care of them—-because most DSRs won’t, and this might push you “ahead” in the New Year!!

DSRs, Be a Resource…

and Sell Something!