803 Secret to Sustainable Sales Growth and Success

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The Secret to Your success is only as sustainable as its source.

The more you think about that statement, the more convicting it gets inside of you!!!

Also, that statement prompts you to ask yourself, “What is my source of/for success?”

We’re talking about success that lasts; success that continues to bear fruit for you and your family, your company and absolutely, for your customers.

We’re NOT talking about quick hits and short lived stuff that springs up, looks good, and then dies.

Sustainability is pretty trendy right now too. Our society not only talks about sustainable success, but it seems everybody is talking about sustainable things like sustainable energy, sustainable foods, sustainable farming, sustainable relationships and sustainable living.

What does good, sustainable success really look like?

I guess first we must ask: Since there’s a thing such as GOOD success, is there such a thing as BAD success?

A good success is one that’s sustainable, and not just based on today’s results, but one that has trust, character and very deep roots.

Bad or short-term success might be because you have some good results without deep roots. It is possible your talent can take you to a good place, but if you don’t have the right character, that talent won’t sustain you there. You could have a gift or charisma which can get you in places where the infrastructure can sustain you for a while, but probably not long-term.

Your swag might get you into an account, but it’s going to take more than your swag to get that account to stay with you, or for that relationship to have REAL staying power.

Do you have staying power in your relationships with your customers? If your success comes from the wrong source (your swag) and not a true sustainable source, that success will always be short lived.

If your actions/intentions are not good for all parties involved, they will not be good for ANY party involved long-term.

If your success comes from the wrong source or comes just from people’s opinions of you, that success can change when those opinions of you change. If you have the wrong source, your success will be short lived.

So how do we actually find success that lasts…sustainable success?

DSRs, you need to work on becoming the CONSTANT (a FIXED VALUE that does not change) for your customers and for your peers.

We’ve found that the secret to DSRs’ sustainable success is that they are a Constant. This means being consistently consistent with a core conviction of helping your customers make money and grow. Being consistently consistent in your learning of “all things foodservice” will also help in many different situations. And, you should be that Constant when working with credit folks, your buyers, your transportation folks, the drivers, inside sales people and all the other people who help you with your business every day.

Most successful DSRs will have some or all of the following traits about their character: Being a good mentor; having a passion for the business; being honorable and trustworthy.

What is your CONSTANT SOURCE that you can build successful relationships and a successful career around?

DSRs, Be a Resource…  and Sell Something!