DSR Dave Undercover Cold Call-Club Sandwich afdr 330 from DSR Dave Miesse on Vimeo.



Cold calls:  A top-performing DSR often will research a potential new customer from top to bottom so he/she can begin a conversation with a deep knowledge of the operator’s concept and menu.

In this special DSRLive “Undercover VIDEO Episode,” DSR Dave and another “secret agent” DSR target an independent restaurant and record a Live video on how to do the RECON work necessary to get a minimum order.

Where to start?

Prime location:  The bar… Bartenders tend to know the scoop about the place even more than most wait staff, and at many places, by sitting at the bar you can see the food coming out better. You’ll also see just about everything used at the bar which helps with more cases to reach that minimum order!

Food item(s):  The club sandwich… If there’s one on the menu, ORDER IT! There are enough line items on that one sandwich to reach the minimum order!

Most-sold itemsAsk your server what the most sold items are on the menu and ORDER THEM!  (Do not order what you might be hungry for, or what the server’s favorite item is.)

By the time you leave, you should have at least 50 items, if not 100, written down that you know they use for sure with the brands, specs and quality of those items.

Dissecting these items will give you great insight into the operator’s mindset.  The quality of food being used, portions and what they do best will be apparent from this cross-section of foods.  From there, it’s much simpler to find on-target ideas to present when you do make that sales call.

WATCH & LISTEN to this video as the “undercover agents” peel back the layers (of a club sandwich and other most-sold menu items) to discover a multitude of items, manning them with information to target on their first “Cold Call”.

DSRs, Be a Resource…and Sell Something!