813 Part 2 Helping Your Customers Grow, DSR of the Month Jared Rideout

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A good DSR can help customers grow during really bad economic times like the Great Recession.

DSR of the Month, Jared Rideout (Part 2) explains in detail what he did each week for three years to get an account that now is one of his largest customers. After working for three years to get a two unit customer, Jared and Ben E. Keith have now helped that customer to grow to seven units during the Great Recession in which many Independent Operators closed their doors.

Jared said he probably ate there 50 times before the customer decided to sign with him. Jared also saw the restaurant operator at different functions that restaurant folks attend.

Rideout says that he and his customers really did not feel the recession like other customers who were buying from his competitors. Matter of fact, Jared says that all of his customers made money and grew during the recession!

Jared makes a great point that when a DSR is truly working for each customer, both the customer and the DSR keep growing and making money even during hard times.

AFDR DSR members from all parts of the country tell stories about how they and their customers grew during the Great Recession and the ONE THINGthat is always present is thatthe DSR and the Operator are working together in the day-to-day operations. They make decisions together in the best interest of all parties involved, and it’s not about the cheapest price.

A DSR has to do the work, customers are too busy to do the research necessary to grow and make money.

DSRs, Be a Resource…and Sell Something!