819: Academy Award Performances by Restaurant Operators Need Academy Award Support by their DSRs

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Think about it. Essentially, it’s like your restaurant operators are on a stage performing with every one of their menu items with every patron they serve, every minute and every hour that they are open. Not many other types of businesses in the world have to perform like this. Even Broadway actors and music performers get days and weeks off before another performance, but not your restaurant operators.

Many businesses are selling products that a manufacturer made or are providing some kind of service, but restaurant operators are the manufacturer and the service provider all rolled into one tough business.

What if their performance was a little off with say just a few patrons each day? Do you think those folks are going to want to come back? One example could be, if two parents brought their daughter in your customer’s restaurant for her birthday dinner and they ran out of the only menu item she was looking forward to eating because their supplier marked them out of it. How do you think those folks will feel about coming back there?

Bottom line is this: Your customers will not be in business if they don’t perform every day, with every customer.


Help your current customers by building them an inventory guide with everything they use on it. Each week when you visit your customers, work on securing the business you don’t have and/or bring in an alternative product that you think will help them perform better.

Every time you call on a new prospect, be building an inventory guide because chances are, their current DSR has not done this most important work to enable this prospect to deliver the needed academy award winning performances.

Academy Award winning performances need Academy Award winning DSR support. So let your show begin and … break a leg!

DSRs, Be a Resource…and Sell Something!